UPDATE: WE WILL NOT BE OPEN SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2 due to very muddy conditions.
thank you for a great season!!

We are open every Friday and Saturday night through October and the first weekend of November

Here are the 2019 dates!

Friday October 11

Saturday October 12


Friday October 18

Saturday October 19

Friday October 25

Saturday October 26


Friday November 1 CLOSED

Saturday November 2 CLOSED

Tickets are sold the night of starting at 5:45 and are on a FIRST COME FIRST SCARED BASIS. No reservations are taken

Pricing is as follows:

Adults $15.00

4-10 years $8.00

kids under 3 are free

we are open from 6:00-12:00.

Our first few rides from approximately 6:00-6:45 are “kid friendly”  all of the monsters are still in the woods, however they are not jumping on the wagons. All loud noises are removed for these rides as well.  Please note: our monsters do still wear masks, and costumes for these rides. IMPORTANT: PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 6:00 TO BE GUARANTEED A SPOT ON KID FRIENDLY

Regular rides begin at approximately 7:00, once it is dark. The rides are 20-25 minutes in length. We have 2 tractor pulled wagons going all night that can accommodate 30-35 people per wagon.

RESERVATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. This is on a first come first scared basis

There is a concession stand on the property  as well as a nightly bonfire.